Lupe Fiasco Booted Off Stage At President Obama’s Inauguration Concert

Lupe Fiasco has been forced off stage mid-set after making anti-Obama comments during his performance as part of the US Presidential inauguration celebrations.

Complex reports that Fiasco – who collaborated with Guy Sebastian for his mega hit Battle Scars last year – told punters at Hamilton Live in Washington D.C. that he didn’t vote for Barack Obama in last November’s election, and performed an anti-war song – dragging it out for half an hour.

Organisers repeatedly asked Fiasco to move onto another song, but he refused. Security guards then stormed onto the stage and asked him to leave.

How Fiasco got an invitation to perform at the event in the first place is a bit surprising, considering the rapper previously described the President as “the biggest terrorist in America” in an interview on CBS back in 2011.

Foreign Policy magazine reporter Josh Rogin tweeted a blow-by-blow description of events from the concert, which you can check out below.

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