Lupe Fiasco New Album ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ Due Out 2013

Lupe Fiasco has revealed that his new album, titled Tetsuo & Youth, is expected to be released some time during 2013. The news came from Lupe during an interview with Fuse on the Red Carpet at yesterday’s Grammy Awards.

When asked about taking to Twitter to announce the cancellation of Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 2, Lupe confirmed that news but also added the new album was on the way:

“A lot of the music we did for it [The Great American Rap Album Part 2], we’re just kind of putting in the safe. We’re starting with a new album that’s called Tetsuo & Youth. It’s a different angle and twist.”

When Lupe spoke with Music Feeds last September the popular rapper said he was looking to fulfil any remaining commitments to his record label, Atlantic, and then turn his attention to passion project like his punk band Japanese Cartoon.

It’s safe to say Lupe will continue to keep fans guessing as to what exactly the future has in store.

Watch: Lupe Fiasco Announces New Album Tetsuo & Youth at The Grammy Awards

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