Lupe Fiasco Quits Twitter After Announcing New Album Has Been Canned

Hip-hop extraordinaire Lupe Fiasco has had a very public blow-out via Twitter recently, resulting in a double disappointment for fans. Not only did Fiasco effectively quit from the micro-blogging service, but the man has made it clear that all plans for his forthcoming album have been scrapped.

In recent interviews, Fiasco made it clear that Food & Liquor II: Part 2 would be his last release in his current form. It was becoming clear that the relationship between him and his record label was becoming tense, and Fiasco was clearly eager to wrap up the deal.

However, it appears that is no longer the plan, and according to two separate tweets that have since been removed, “A decision has been made that the project titled ‘F&L2 Part 2’ will be summarily cancelled for public release in 2013…” According to Contact Music, the other tweet assured fans that there will still be new music later in the year.

If you hit up the Lupe Fiasco Twitter page, you will now be greeted by the following tweet, though it’s clear we haven’t heard the last from him:

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