Lupe Fiasco Seems To Have Announced His Retirement

Lupe Fiasco will release his final ever album this year, but not before he releases two others.

The rapper has signalled the end of his musical career by tweeting that – of a whopping three records that he plans to drop in 2016 – one named Roy will be his last:

Confusingly, the Chicago MC previously announced that a sequel to his 2007 album The Cool entitled The Cool 2 would be coming out in the winter (or Australian summer) of 2017. After many fans questioned him about the fate of The Cool 2 in light of this most recent announcement, Fiasco lived up to his name by confirming that the disc would still be arriving in 2017, whilst vehemently repeating that 2016’s Roy would be his last album.

Go figure.

When asked if The Cool 2 was not actually an album at all but something else entirely, the rapper replied with “Maybe” but refused to give any more details.

Either way, it’s shaping up to be an interesting year for Lupe Fiasco fans.

Fiasco, who toured Australia last year with Nelly and B.O.B., also recently announced plans to destroy unwanted copies of his dud 2011 album Lasersusing an actual laser.

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