Mac DeMarco “Doesn’t Give A Shit” If You Torrent His New Album

Mac DeMarco‘s new album ‘The Old Dog’ isn’t officially due out til Friday, 5th May but like many albums these days the record has already leaked online.

DeMarco has been completely unfazed by the leaking, and is even quite happy for people to torrent and download it.

During his Coachella set DeMarco announced to the crowd, “We’re going to play a song that we’ve only played twice before.”

“It’s a new song that only came out a couple of days but you know what? The album leaked yesterday, so I don’t give a shit anymore! Download it! PirateBay,, SoulSeek, Napster, LimeWire, Kazaa.. Just get it.”

DeMarco had already released two tracks, ‘This Old Dog’ and ‘My Old Man’ from the album.

Watch: Mac DeMarco Address His New Album Leaking

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