Machine Head’s New Aussie Tour Video Reveals Frontman Had A Crazy Seizure On The Plane

Machine Head are known to inflict plenty of damage onstage, but it turns out the band was dealing with some damage of their own offstage during their recent Australian tour.

The metal kingpins have just uploaded a 20-minute video diary, documenting the tail-end of their visit Down Under, and revealing that frontman Robb Flynn was battling a killer ear infection the whole time.

In the clip, the Machine Head growler chronicles an extreme head cold and ear infection, as it hits him, via a series of video diary entries timed around the Perth leg of the tour, which culminates in him suffering a violent seizure during the band’s flight out of Australia.

Although the video does not show the moment that Flynn passes out from the pain and starts “convulsing uncontrollably”, we do see the before and after, with the singer being carted off to a medical facility at the airport terminal.

As the video informs us, doctors worked to bring the frontman back to consciousness after he’d been knocked out cold for a terrifying 45-minutes.

Watch the full video of the band’s not-so-bonza Aussie tour experience below.


DAMAGE INSIDEThe boys wrap up their Australia tour in Perth, but an ear infection threatens to derail things.

Posted by Machine Head on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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