Macklemore Was Working On New Music In A Perth Studio Last Weekend

Musicians writing songs whilst on the road is nothing new, but for an artist to decide to jump into a studio and finish recording a song while touring overseas is definitely more of a rarity.

That’s exactly what Macklemore did last weekend in Perth. The Seattle hip hop artist had performed a show at Perth Arena on Friday evening; the final show on his 2016 Australian tour – and on Saturday morning decided to jump into Crank Recording’s Northbridge studio to work on one of his new tracks.

He spent seven hours in the studio putting the finishing touches on a new brand new song, revealed a local sound engineer. “It was a mostly finished song, and he put the final 20% into it, so by the end of the night it was ready to go,” engineer Charlie Young told TheMusic.

Over seven hours, Macklemore worked with Young; tracking piano and vocals. “It was in the same vein as his latest album, and it was awesome; I think it’s going to take off,” said Young. “I got to do a little bit of piano, which was awesome. I was blown away that he trusted me with that.”

Young also revealed that once the band had finished recording, it was just himself and the Downtown artist together in the studio. “He brought his piano player along, but they were all catching a flight, so once they thought they got everything, the band took off and Macklemore was just sitting here with me, going over it one final time, and discovered that a couple of chords didn’t work.”

Watch: Macklemore – Downtown

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