Man Arrested For Fraud After Claiming To Be White Zombie Drummer

This is a pretty confusing little tale, only made worse by the fact that both parties involved have last names starting with B. According to (Via Blabbermouth) a man has been arrested after claiming to be White Zombie drummer Phil Buerstatte in order to dodge paying for rehab.

46-year-old Loren Breckenridge has been nabbed after he attempted to pay $75,000 for his treatment at the Alta Mira Recovery Center in June using a check in Buerstatte’s name. Now here’s where things get tricky, so pay attention: Police are still yet to determine whether or not he is actually Phil Buerstatte, someone else using his name, or is really Loren Breckenridge and uses Phil Buerstatte as a stage name?

According to police, this isn’t even the first time Old mate has attempted this: “He would show up and tell people he was this rock star and needed treatment. In all my years of police work, I have never seen a case like this — someone defrauding rehab centers,” said Sausalito Police Sgt. Bill Fraass after it was discovered that Breckenridge pulled a similar trick at a rehab clinic in that town.

It turns out that the dude is wanted all over the US for fraud and has an extensive criminal history in multiple states. He is now in custody for suspicion of passing fictitious cheques until it’s determined just who this guy really is.

I think my brain just exploded.

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