Man Arrested For Throwing Bottle At Bartender Who Changed Black Sabbath Song To Christmas Song

A man has been arrested and charged after throwing his beer bottle at a female bartender who changed the music in a bar from a Black Sabbath song to a Christmas song on Christmas Eve.

Witnesses have told Madison Police Department that 33-year-old Christopher Gamboeck got so annoyed when the bartender changed the music that he skolled his bottle of Budweiser and slammed it on the counter before yelling at the bartender and throwing his bottle at her head.

Patrons at the Farm Tavern Bar are said to have stopped Gamboeck from going behind the counter as he circled the bar with his fists clenched. Gamboeck’s uncle is then believed to have escorted him outside, but not before Gamboeck decided to pull down the bar’s Christmas tree, breaking some of its ornaments.

When police later approached Gamboeck at his residence, he rushed them and was threatened with a taser before eventually being taken into custody.

Police say “gender based obscenities continued to be levied toward a female officer, and he was quickly placed into a squad car and transported to the Dane County Jail”.

Gamboeck was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property, and is most likely banned from returning to the Farm Tavern Bar.

Black Sabbath have scrapped plans to record a final album, which probably annoyed Gamboeck even more than his bartender’s choice of Christmas tunes.

The band last toured Australia in 2013, but will return to Australia in April 2016 as part of The End farewell tour, which will be their final jaunt around the world. As frontman Ozzy Osbourne says…

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