Manson Booed Off Stage At Soundwave Sydney

Marilyn Manson was booed off stage at Soundwave today. Slipknot fans made no secret of their feelings towards the shock rocker. Manson, who openly discussed his inebriated state to the crowd, poured a vial of white powder over his bass players head. He also argued with his stage assistants between songs, who had to shout him back on stage, and was booed and heckled towards the end of his set.

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The crowd chanted ‘Slipknot’ over and over again to throw the clearly disheveled Manson off his game. Manson responded by storming off stage leaving a very confused drummer, and for that fact, a very confused crowd. Dead silence fell over the main stage area, the absence of any background music showed that organisers were caught off guard by the sudden exit. The band returned for one last song but quickly left afterwards and were not seen again, this happening a full ten minutes before the set was supposed to end.

Early construction of the Slipknot set and sound checking of their gear could be blamed for the uproar of Slipknot chants, though only one person can be blamed for the chants of ‘Get off the stage!’ – Manson himself who not only showed little respect for the crowd, yelling over his backing tracks “who let DJ Lethal on our stage? He was clearly lacking energy and ranting in spoken word poetry which finished with a ‘Remember, we’re up-over you, down under”

This must have been a sad day for Manson fans who saw their idol desperately clutching at what ever threads of his career remain in tact.

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