Mariah Carey’s Brother To Sue For Defamation Following Memoir

Mariah Carey’s brother is reportedly suing her for defamation following the release of her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey last September.

The Guardian reports that Morgan Carey filed a lawsuit in New York’s supreme court saying the memoir caused “defamation and the intentional infliction of emotional distress”.

The book apparently describes Morgan Carey as someone who is physically abusive and has substance abuse issues.

Mariah Carey also describes violent situations involving her brother, alleging he abused their mother and once had a fight so violent with their father that she, “witnessed the possibility that a member of my family could brutally die in front of my eyes.”

Morgan Carey denies both accounts. He says the former claim is a “false and defamatory lie” and the latter a “cliched and racially charged portrayal of two Black males engaged in a physical struggle [that] never happened.”

In the lawsuit against his sister, Morgan claims the memoir caused “serious damage to his reputation and to his personal and business affairs” and “extreme mental anguish”.

He also says that these claims had a negative impact on a feature film he was developing.

Morgan Carey’s lawsuit follows the pair’s sister, Alison who also sued Carey for defamation. She said the book made “cruel and outrageous allegations” about her.

She said the book caused her, “heartless, vicious, vindictive, despicable and totally unnecessary public humiliation.”

Mariah Carey has not released a statement on either lawsuit at this time.

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