Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja May Have Been Revealed To Be Banksy

Last year an investigative journalist listed all the reasons why Massive Attack‘s Robert “3D” Del Naja could be Banksy and now the speculation may finally have been confirmed.

Iconic British producer DJ Goldie let slip Banksy’s first name, during an interview with UK rapper Scroobius Pip, and it just happens to be Robert.

“Give me a bubble letter and put it on a T-shirt and write Banksy on it and we’re sorted. We can sell it now,” he said.

“No disrespect to Rob (or Robert), I think he is a brilliant artist. I think he has flipped the world of art over.”

Of course, there’s more than one person in the world named Robert but given the rumour mill was already churning, it’s a good piece of evidence to add to the list.

NME points out that he could also be referring to Bristol’s Robin Gunningham, an artist who has in the past also been linked to Banksy.

There’s a chance that it’s neither of them and there’s also a chance that Goldie is stirring the pot.

Listen below at around the 34 minute mark and decide for yourself who he is talking about.

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