Mastodon Guitarist’s Jab At Grohl: “Making Rock Safer With Every Red Carpet All-Star Jam”

It’s largely agreed upon in rock and metal circles that Dave Grohl is an omnipotent, Jesus-like figure who basically has carte blanche to do whatever he wants and is the closest thing we have to a spokesman for rock and roll, but Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds may not quite hold that opinion.

While the Atlanta band are not known to have any bad blood with the Foo Fighters frontman, who hung out with the group while they recorded their fifth album, The Hunter, at Grohl’s Sound City Studios, some fans of both parties are taking a recent Instagram post by Hinds to be a stab at Grohl.

Hinds posted an image of Grohl looking happy in the studio with the caption, “making rock n roll safer with every red carpet all star jam,” likely referring to Grohl’s frequent jams with other well-known rockers, including a supergroup performance at the most recent Grammy Awards.

Many fans, however, view the cryptic image, which was posted without further commentary from the guitarist, as merely a tongue-in-cheek joke, perhaps even a tactic to get some press around the band in the lead-up to the release of their sixth studio album, Once More Round The Sun.

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