Mastodon Hard At Work On New Studio Album

Metal titans Mastodon have checked in with fans to confirm that the band is currently hard at it, slugging (or if you will, sludging) away in the studio on a brand new full-length album. In the band’s own words, we can expect “another great album” from the outfit.

Given the shoes left to fill by its older brother, 2011’s The Hunter, the new record will need to be pretty great in order to maintain the benchmark the Atlanta legends have put in place for themselves. With the band “working our fingers to the bone” over the album, it’s sure to be a worthy addition to their habitually awesome release record.

With a bunch of live shows coming up including the 2013 Mayhem Festival tour, fans will hopefully be treated to some of the band’s new wears. The sixth studio album from Mastodon is still very much In utero so a release date is still a while off but stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Here is the original Facebook message in full:

“For those of you who are interested, Yes we have been VERY busy writing and putting songs together for the next studio MASTODON album, we are down at our space hammering out riffs that can be friends and working our fingers to the bone to put out another great album. thank you to all our loyal fans!!!!”

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