Mastodon, QOTSA, At the Drive-In Members Form New Supergroup Gone Is Gone

Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Tony Hajjar (At the Drive-In) and Mike Zarin, Hajjar’s music industry mate, have come together to form a new experimental rock supergroup, Gone is Gone.

Gone is Gone was birthed from the professional relationship of Hajjar and Zarin, namely Zarin’s day job composing music for advertising, video games, movies and other media. Talking to Rolling Stone, Hajjar explained that Gone is Gone originally arose when they realised one composition needed the muscle of a full band; so, Hajjar called old pal Van Leeuwen to come in and lay some (sick) guitar tracks. It was love at first listen, and the embryonic band soon booked a studio sesh to record their work.

Hajjar, Zarin and Van Leeuwen then began to discuss singers. Hajjar liked Sanders. “When thinking of singers, a few came to mind, but Troy Sanders’ voice and presence kept on coming up in conversations” and, luckily enough it turned out that Van Leeuwen and Sanders were good mates who had also talked about working together on something before. “It was an easy connection,” says Hajjar.

Hajjar is keen to clarify that more than just a band, he and Zarin see Gone is Gone as, basically, a music collective ready to fill every possible music-sized hole. “The thought behind this band is to combine what most of us know from many years of being in touring/recording entities and our love of scoring…our goal is to be able to do more of this within this project.”

More than just announcing their existence, Gone is Gone is also planning their first show in Los Angeles on the 27 April as well as a new EP, for release this winter. They also have a preview for lead single Violescence at the ready, too.

Have a listen here below and someone get Legion on the line, stat.

HEAR: Gone is Gone – Violescence (preview)

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HEAR: Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin – Splinter Cell Blacklist OST

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