Meat Loaf Tribute Act Sued £18,000, Loses Job, Wife And Gut

If you’ve decided that your life calling is to pay tribute to Meat Loaf via your own full-costumed renditions of his hits, you’re going to have a bad time – as it turns out. Meat has successfully sued a mister Skint Dean Torkington, 51, for £18,412 after Meat learned of his very unwelcome doppleganger.

News broke of the lawsuit back in July, and as you may remember, the drama stemmed from a 2006 concert from the iconic rock star. In attendance was Torkington, who not only brought his wife, but arrived in full character, wavy locks and all. As The Sun put it, Meat Loaf saw the impostor’s van that had been elaborately decorated in Meat Loaf propaganda.

After the show, Torkington was asked back stage to meet the man himself, “But when I got there, he went crazy. He’d seen my van and said he wanted it sprayed, that I couldn’t do my act anymore and that he wanted the website. I was just stunned.”

Meat Loaf came at him like a Bat Out of Hell, mainly due to the fact that Torkington had registered the domain name and refused to give up the rights.

Having been To Hell and Back throughout the ordeal, Torkington has not only lost his job, but his home, his wife, and about 21 stone, and he now resides in the van that caused the mess in the first place. He now performs songs by Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith. He stated, “It has been an exercise for him to flex his ego. He won’t get a penny from me. I’m broke.”

“Meat Loaf has ruined my life. I once idolised him, but now I hate him.” he says.

Watch: Mr Torkington sings ‘2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad’

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