The Medic Filmed Dancing At Sydney’s Defqon.1 Has Been Suspended

A medic who was filmed dancing at Sydney’s Defqon.1 festival where two people died on Saturday has been suspended.

Sky News reports the medic, who was working for EMS Event Medical, was filmed dancing while on a scheduled break. The video made its way onto Instagram, but was quickly deleted after the medic supposedly spotted the clip and asked for it to be removed.

“Hey bro I’m the medic in that video you posted. I’m in real danger of losing my career over that video so I was hoping you could do me a huge favour and take it down,” the man wrote on the post, according to Sky News.

“I know it’s pretty funny, but I’ve put years of hard work into being a paramedic so I’d really appreciate it.”

After the video was removed, the medic reportedly joked about the clip’s original caption, saying, “I agree with your philosophy about becoming the cooked **** to look after the cooked **** though.”

In a statement to The Daily Telegraph, EMS Event Medical Director Mike Hammond said the medic was on “a sanctioned break” but had “made a simple mistake by not removing his uniform before taking his break in a public area”.

There has been a renewed push for the introduction of pill testing services at Australian music festivals, after 23-year-old Joseph Pham and a 21-year-old Melbourne woman died after attending Defqon.1 on Saturday, following apparent drug overdoses.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has vowed to permanently shut down the festival and prevent pill testing at local events, but the father of a man who died at Defqon.1 three years ago has come out against the Premier and said the festival shouldn’t be shut down.

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