Meet This McDonald’s-Themed Black Sabbath Cover Band Mac Sabbath

All your childhood Happy Meal memories will be sullied in one go when you get acquainted with Mac Sabbath, a group of rather deranged McDonalds characters who exclusively perform fast-food themed Black Sabbath covers. They call it “drive thru metal”.

Per Loudwire, it’s the live videos of the warped McDonaldland creatures in action that really do the trick. Below you can see the band’s take on 1970 Sabbath tracks Paranoid, now Pair-a-buns, and the classic Iron Man reimagined as Frying Pan.

It’s definitely not the first food-themed cover band to emerge in recent memory, lest we forget Macaulay Culkin’s all-pizza-related Velvet Underground tribute band, dubbed The Pizza Underground. But Mac Sabbath has a darker edge.

Led by a terrifying Ronald Osbourne, we have Mayor McCheese, now with tusks, on Tony Iommi’s bluesy guitar, a wired-looking Grimace takes up Geezer Butler’s bass duties and The Hamburglar fills in for Bill Ward on drums.

Go ahead, feast on this.

Watch: Mac Sabbath – Frying Pan

Watch: Mac Sabbath – Pair-a-buns

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