Melb Fave Cherry Bar Launch New Merch And Cocktail Delivery

While things in Melbourne are certainly on the up, it’s still a little bit shit to be a Melburnian. The Cherry Bar has got you though. Bottled cocktails delivered to your door is an actual thing the beloved bar is offering up.

That and a bunch of merch so you can enjoy your cocktail on the couch in style. They’re delivering cocktails and merch within 30km of the bar on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

They’re offering up margaritas, Negroni, espresso martini, Acca-daiquiri (lol), and Mai Tais. Amaze.

As well as that there’s a bunch of special edition limited wines. There’s Cherry Rock Shiraz and ACDC Lane Cab Merlot. All the bottles are super aesthetic too, we loves repurposeable packaging.

Then there’s the merch for sale and a bunch of livestreamed shows on demand — to watch while you sink the cocktails.

How dreamy.

You can check out Cherry Bar’s range of cocktails and wine over here.

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