Members From Mastodon, Dillinger, Converge, Mars Volta And Soulfly Form Super Metal Band

Though the project is currently without a name, some of the biggest figures in metal have decided to brand off together and form the most powerful and brutal super band ever formed.

The band will consist of Mastodon frontman Troy Sanders, Converge bassist Nate Netwon, and Dillinger Escape Plan singer Greg Puciato, with Soulfly singer Max Cavalera and The Mars Volta collaborator Dave Elitch.

Rumours of the god-like band have been circulating since last year after it was revealed that Cavalera and Puciato, apparently long-term partners in crime, had been scheming about creating such a band. The additional members are only a recent revelation.

Cavalera spoke about the project in a recent interview on a Singapore radio station (via Metal Injection) in which he name checks Nailbomb, which was a similar concept, as well as revealing that the band will have 3 different vocalists.

I think it’s gonna be a very original project. I don’t know any other metal projects out there with three people singing like this. So it can be almost like a Transplants of metal. Transplants had three singers; this also has three singers, and it can be very, very great. I’m following, in a lot of ways, some of the same footsteps as Nailbomb [Max’s mid-1990s project with Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel] in my approach to this project — a lot of do-it-yourself, punk-rock kind of feeling to the project. So the songs are written really quick — I don’t think too much about it. I like it more like that, so they are very raw. We are working on the [music] in December and then we’re hoping to get in the studio in January. The main thing we don’t have is a name.

Given the already crazy commitments each of the individual bands already have, touring for this frankenband will probably be impossible; recording, on the other hand, should be easy.

If you could put together your own metal super group, using any musicians alive or dead, who would you chose?

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