Members Of Thornhill, Void Of Vision & More Unite To Form New Supergroup, Cherry

Members from some of your favourite homegrown heavy acts have united to form a fresh local supergroup.

Introducing Cherry, the new sideproject from members of Thornhill, Void Of Vision, The Beautiful Monument & Tapestry. But there’s the twist — they’re not a heavy band.

Born during the COVID-19 lockdown, Cherry sees the Melbourne riff-slingers venture into unfamiliar territory, experimenting with a much more pop-inclined sound.

“We started the band and wrote this song during the Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, at first thinking that was just a boredom project that would never see the light of day”, explains guitarist, Matt Van Duppen.

“Fast-forward 12 months and we’ve now got a full band together and we’re ready to head into unfamiliar territory and away from our comfort zone in heavy music.”

Case in point: their debut single ‘Girls Club’, which is far more reminiscent of City & Colour than anything from the metalcore spectrum.

Vocalist Jacob Charlton explains: “This song is my interpretation of what it would feel like as the main antagonist in an affair. Lyrically I wanted to sing about the mindset of one causing the destruction of a relationship with no remorse because I’ve always found it something I couldn’t fathom, so this is how I imagined it.”

Give it a listen below, and keep your ears peeled for more from this intriguing new allstar project.

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