Meredith Music Festival Not Going Ahead for the Second Year in a Row

Meredith Music Festival have confirmed that, for the second year in a row, the Victorian festival will not be going ahead in 2021. In a new statement today, organisers of the festival, which is usually held annually in December of each year, conceded that it’s “just not possible at this time to make Meredith,” amid new outbreaks of coronavirus and the subsequent uncertainty around live events.

“I want to acknowledge all who worked hard and dreamed even harder to will this year’s festival into being. And everyone who sent letters checking in on us, with ideas, hopes and wishes – I feel your energy,” Aunty Meredith writes in the message. “Thank you. Here at The Sup’, when the time is right, Meredith will Happen, for the 30th and Very First Time.”

“I’ve been making use of the extra room to ruminate on Meredith (and Golden Plains), and what it is, why it is, how it is, where it is, when it is, and so on. It really is in the space between the notes that the music happens.

“Regardless of how many lifetimes we spend planning it all, Meredith truly soars when something clicks, magic o’clock strikes ZOOP DOOP and the whole shebang just TAKES OFF to another new dimension, providing all present with unexpected thrills of the very highest order. Know what I mean? Let’s do that again.”

There is one bright glimmer of hope, however. Aunty concludes the message by saying that “Golden Plans are afoot”, suggesting Meredith’s sister event Golden Plains may well re-emerge in 2022. The festival is held over three days during the Victorian Labour Day long weekend, and last took place in 2020 with a lineup that featured Pixies, Hot Chip, Sampa the Great and more.

Organisers have also opened the Supernatural Gift Shoppe, where you can get yourself some snazzy MMF merch. There’s a Meredith Community Tucker Tent apron and tee in there, with all funds raised from both going back to the local Meredith community through local organisations.

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