Image: Nick Mckk

Merpire Captures Social Anxiety With New Single ‘Dinosaur’

Rising singer-songwriter Merpire has shared new single ‘Dinosaur’, her debut release on ADA. Warm, somewhat angular guitars meet lush brooding pop production to foreground the themes of social anxiety that the songwriter examines throughout.

The track, originally written on ukulele and transformed with the assistance of producer James Seymour, takes its title and inspiration from a line in Jurassic Park, in which Sam Neil’s character explains that “if you stay still, they can’t see you.”

“Whether it’s a fact about the T-Rex or not, I always wished this could be the case with humans – if you don’t feel like seeing anyone or you want to smoke bomb from a social interaction you can just freeze and become invisible,” Merpire explains. “Oh no, it’s just the opposite.”

‘Dinosaur’ arrives after a steady string of singles from Merpire over the past couple of years, like last year’s ‘Heavy Feeling’ and ‘Habit’ back in 2019. Last year also saw the songwriter team up with Feelds to start the new project Wilson’s Prom, releasing their debut, self-titled EP.

The new single arrives alongside a nostalgia-soaked music video filmed underneath the trampoline in the singer-songwriter’s front yard that draws from the decor of her teenage bedroom. It sees her link up once again with collaborator Nick Mckk – watch below.

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