Study finds black metal is good for productivity at work

If you’ve been finding it hard to believe your co-worker who insists listening to metal helps with their productivity, science is finally here to back them up.

According to a study by Stack Overflow, black and death metal are popular genres among those working in software and coding, and the music could even be helping with productivity.

90,000 software developers were surveyed, and 3.2% said metal was their go-to working music. Applied to the some 26 million people in that profession worldwide, it’s a huge number.

Atlassan interpreted the results of the study, suggesting that the vocals in death metal and black metal are processed by the brain as sounds instead of words, making both genres perfect for coding productivity.

However, doom metal and other genres with clean-sung vocals are apparently too distracting while working.

So there you have it people. Listening to bands like Mayhem could help you rock hard and work harder!

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