Metallica Accused Of Using Photographer’s Image Without Permission In ‘Murder One’ Video

A Finnish photographer has accused Metallica of using one of his photos of the band without permission in their recent music video for ‘Murder One’, and the internet is already trying to help him work through the alleged copyright infringement.

Posting to Reddit, photographer Henri Käck says, “When I saw the video first I thought that wow such an honor that they used my photo but bummer that they did not mention who took it anywhere.

“I tried to contact them through the website and their managements website and did not get answer. It was month ago and still no answer.”

What’s more, Käck says he didn’t sign any agreement with Metallica before photographing them, which if signed may have given the band the right to reproduce any photos taken of them at that particular show. “I have signed few of those agreements but not that time,” Käck says.

Here’s the screenshot from Metallica’s ‘Murder One’ video alongside Käck’s photo:

Metallica used my picture without permission

Käck also points out: “A lot of people say that the picture [in the video] is not the same as my picture. That the hands are different. Please watch the video. They animated the picture so the hands move.”

You can catch the moment in which Käck says Metallica have used his photo at the 5:33 mark in the ‘Murder One’ video, below.

Meanwhile, Metallica are preparing to tour Australia in 2017 — at least, according to former Soundwave Festival mastermind AJ Maddah.

Watch: Metallica – ‘Murder One’

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