Metallica Give Us A Sneak Peak Of New Album Riffs With This Studio Video

Metallica have a new website and to mark its launch, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield have starred in a little video that in parts gives us a sneak peak at the riffs on the band’s new album.

The video starts with Lars just talking to camera in his typically strange manner, before leading the camera crew into the studio to ambush James Hetfield as he attempts to record guitar parts. Hetfield takes it all in stride though, joking around with the hyperactive Ulrich, joking that he’s “playing drums” when Lars asks him what he’s doing.

As for getting to hear tracks off the new album, you can catch a tiny bit of Hetfield playing a very heavy riff at around two minutes, before Lars badgers him into playing some more, with Hetfield treating us to some epic opening doom chords just past three minutes in before the film crew leaves the studio.

Not happy with giving us such a small slice of the pie though, Ulrich rushes back at the end of the video and opens the studio door to let us listen in to Hetfield shredding away at some tasty sounding riffs.

Working on the album for over a year now, with the band debuting their new tune Lords Of Summer on their Metallica by Request tour in June last year more and more news confirming the sessions keeps rolling in however, with this video just the latest to fall into out laps.

With all signs pointing to the album being completed by early next year, stay tuned for more news on the album’s release.

In the meantime though you can watch the full video here.

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