Metallica’s James Hetfield Throws Stones At Reporters in Uruguay

Metallica lead singer James Hetfield threw stones at photographers in the Jose Ignacio resort in Uruguay after they tried to take photos of him eating ice cream with his son, reports

Hetfield was riding a scooter with his son in the chic resort when photographers spotted him and followed him to the ice cream parlour. Seeing the photographers, Hetfield walked down the stairs to the street, grabbing stones and throwing them at the reporters. “The guy was having an ice cream,” Gaston Renis, a photographer for the magazine Hola told El Pais. “He was not in an awkward situation to react in such a manner. There were even some passersby saluting him as they recognized him right away.”

Apparently Hetfield only caused a few dents to a reporters car, said reporter having filed a complaint with police, El Pais reports.

Hetfield has vacationed in Jose Ignacio for years with his son and Argentinian wife; the resort, located 180 kilometers east of Montevideo on Uruguay’s southern Atlantic coast, being a favorite vacation spot for celebrities and jet-setters from around the world.

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