MF Doom tour details confirmed

MF Doom’s tour details are confirmed with the masked legend making his way to our shores next March.

This is seriously one of the most exciting hip hop tours to ever reach our shores. Having originally come up as part of hip hop crew KMD under the name Zev Love X with his brother DJ Subroc in the late 80s, when Subroc was hit by a car and killed, KMD subsequently dropped from their label Elektra, Doom retreated from the hip hop industry to heal his wounds and gain strength to wreak vengeance on the industry that so disfigured him.

Returning stronger than ever, donning the metal mask of his Fantastic Four villain namesake, Doom, has been know to go under various names including King Geedorah, Viktor Vaugh, Metal Face and Metal Fingers.

Having also teamed up to form some of hip hop’s most notable collaborative projects such as Madvillain (with Madlib), Danger Doom (with Danger Mouse) and Sniperlite (aka Dilla Ghost Doom, with J Dilla and Ghostface Killah) MF Doom is without doubt one of the most accomplished hip hop artists of all time, and I can’t fucking believe he’s coming out. Seriously feel these nipples.

Anyway that’s enough of me ranting on like a fanboy, here are the tour dates, and a little sample of what we’ve got to look forward to.


March 22 2011

Fu Bar/Zen


March 23 2011

The Metro

Tickets on sale Monday 6th December



March 24 2011

The Espy

Tickets on sale Monday 6th December


OzTix 1300 762545,

Espy Bottleshop, Polyester Records & Greville Records


March 25 2011

Metro City

Tickets on sale Wednesday 1st December


March 26 2011

The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel

Tickets on sale Friday 17th December

via The Gov 08 8340 0744,

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