Michael J. Fox Reprises Marty McFly Steeze, Performs ‘Back To The Future’ Tracks On Stage With Coldplay

Coldplay and awesome rarely go in the same sentence together buuuut here we are. Something awesome happened at a Coldplay show over the weekend with the band joined by none other than THE Marty McFly to perform a couple of numbers from Back To The Future.

Michael J Fox reprised his iconic role as the time-hopping Marty McFly on stage at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. Joining Coldplay, Fox did a lot of the heavy lifting for renditions of Earth Angel by The Penguins and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.

Initiated by a video played during the show of Martin’s son Moses requesting Dad to “play a song from both of our favourite movie, Back to the Future.” Apparently, it was halfway through the Earth Angel performance that the band stopped and announced, “From the best movie of all time, please welcome Mr. Michael J. Fox!”

The moment was enough to turn Martin, a seasoned A-lister into a bit of a fanboy, with the musician exclaiming, “That’s our dream come true…Thank you, Michael.”

You better believe the whole thing was caught on film. You can check out both performances below.

Coldplay will be making their way Down Under soon enough for a run of headline shows.

WATCH: Coldplay – Earth Angel (Feat. Marty McFly)

WATCH: Coldplay – Johnny B. Goode (Feat. Marty McFly)

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