Mini ‘Spicks And Specks’ Reunion Sees Alan Brough & Myf Warhurst Test Their Music Knowledge On ‘Double J’

There’s been something of a mini Spicks And Specks reunion, with the beloved ABC program’s former team captains Alan Brough and Myf Warhurst quizzing each other and reminiscing about the good old days on radio today.

Warhurst was joined by Brough during her show on Double J this morning, and audio of the program (below) sees the pair take part in two makeshift rounds of Spicks And Specks, including a round of the infamous ‘Samplemania’, which Brough (of course) wins against a slightly hopeless Double J listener.

After triple j‘s Ollie Wards takes over as game master, Brough and Warhurst battle it out over some more detailed music trivia questions. We won’t spoil the result — all we’ll say is that it’s unexpected one.

Following their mini recreation of Spicks And Specks, Brough and Warhurst reflect on how the show affected them psychologically.

“It’s one of those interesting things,” Brough says. “The whole being put on the spot thing and the buzzer thing, for some reason it really brought out the killer instinct in me. It never made me as anxious as you got.”

“I used to get anxious,” Warhurst says. “I used to go home and go, ‘Why didn’t I know the answer to that?’ ‘Why am I so stupid?’ Driving home and crying, ‘Why can’t I win anything?’… I’m very competitive but not very good.”

Aside from taking part in the Spicks And Specks mini-reunion, Brough also appeared on Warhurst’s Double J show to promote his new children’s book, Charlie and The War Against Grannies.

Listen in to the mini Spicks And Specks reunion from the 6:03 mark, below.

The original version of Spicks And Specks, featuring Brough and Warhurst along with host Adam Hills, ran from 2005 to 2011. The show was relaunched by the ABC in 2014, with new host Josh Earl and new team captains Adam Richard and Ella Hooper.

Listen: Alan Brough & Myf Warhurst: A ‘Spicks And Specks’ Reunion

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