Montaigne Floats Through The Galaxy In ‘Now (In Space)’ Clip

Montaigne returns this week with her new single ‘Now (In Space)’, which serves as the first single off her forthcoming new album.

The epic pop-cut details a love disturbed by time and space, with Montaigne yearning for her other’s presence.

The track comes accompanied by a green-screen clip that sees Montaigne floating through space, and engaging in various activities, like petting a massive puppy, dancing with aliens, and offering a bowl of pasta. An alien language captions the video, karaoke style.

The announcement of her new album came via her social media, where she posted a series of Tweets where she discusses part of her process behind the single.

“It’s the first single release of an album that I really banged my head against a wall for in terms of how to release it… And ultimately have arrived at a place of peace. Which is so nice,” she said.

“I’m just excited to release music and not feel like it has to be some major motion picture.”

She also said that her forthcoming record will be the “peak of my career”.

“Hands down,” she continued. “At least to me. It’s full on how much this thing has come to completely stun and amaze me with regards to who has decided to be on it and how beautiful and wholesome it is.”

Check out the video below.


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