Mum @ Worldbar, Friday 18th March

I hope you’re still smiling from Friday, but if weekdays get you down you can start smiling again because this Friday is going to be wild. The notorious coastal garage band Royal Chant are coming down as part of their ‘Raise Your Glass & Collapse’ Tour and to go with that we’ve got some seriously talented dudes from Newcastle: Post Paint, who will delight your ears and intellect with their special blend of folk-rock.

As a bit of an exotic treat we’ve got Lacey, one of the best new indie-pop bands from Perth who are coming a long way to show you their tunes and to dance – then it’s Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun to kick out the jams and shoot the whiskey.

The night still has more to go with Reg Harris from beloved psych-rockers The Tsars curating The Bordello and bringing you The Archerbolds, The Zeds and Panamas. On top of this you’ll see a lot of our favourite MUM DJs and some new ones to bring a dance party kick on in the back bar. See you there!

Mum @ Worldbar Every Friday Kingscross

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