Mum @ Worldbar, Friday August 5th

MUM is that one party that has dropped itself in the middle of Sydney’s biggest party district and offered a difference to the people who want more bands and DJs all night. So for the only club night that will have crowd surfing and still have you dancing at 5 in the morning, hit up Australia’s biggest boutique swill house, The World Bar and forget the rest.

As Obey Trice once said “I’m Rollin through the city in the Range with no tints, just to show you motherfuckers, yes I am a resident, I ain’t stack up my pennies just to move out the city, so if you got a problem with me you should know where to get me”

This week we are packin’ 1929 Indian, The Jungle Giants, Myth & Tropics, My Fiction, Little Blak Dress, Particles, Tripulacion + MUM DJs.

[email protected] Every Friday Kings Cross

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