Mum @ Worldbar, Friday November 5th

It’s November and Uni is done right? Maybe so, maybe not – but who cares?! MUM is on a Friday and no one has exams on a Saturday so let’s party, especially as it’s now only $10 entry before 10pm and for students it’s $10 all night.

This Friday ALBA VARDEN skip class to headline MUM as part of their ‘Calm Your Head‘ East Coast Tour alongside them will be RADIO NATIONAL who were our late set residents back in June. THE CADRES will also be out the back playing their aptly titled song ‘Friday Night‘ and our new late set residents THE MONEY SMOKERS will keep you out till close to sunrise.

Up in the smallest but most fun band room in Sydney WORLD CHAMPION, BRIGHT QUITO SPRING and HOPES will fill the room up more than your best friends hatchback who try’s to relocate all of your friends to the pub in one trip.

And then there are more DJs than you have empty beer bottles in your backyard with Walkie Talkie, Animal Chin, Nic Yorke, Biff Bang Pow DJs, Swim Team DJs, D-Train, Kitty Munroe, 10th Avenue, Wet Lungs, FiFiDoesDiDi and 16 Tacos and playing jamz.

Check for more info and set times and for news about GO HERE GO THERE – own 20 band, 20 DJ party that’s going down on December 3 across 3 venues!!!

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