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Mum @ Worldbar – Three levels, Thirteen Bands and Thirty DJs

Written by John Ritchie on September 20, 2010

Three levels, Thirteen Bands and Thirty DJs for MUMs 3rd big party of the year. FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24 is going to be another night of chaos at World Bar, the good kind of chaos where you see a few bands you love, a few bands you didn’t know you loved and you get jiggy on the dancefloor with a teapot in one hand and an imaginary microphone in the other.

MUSIC FEEDS will present the back room with MOTHER & SON, WHIPPED CREAM CHARGERS, SPOOKYLAND and ARC ARCHER & THE CARNIVAL OF SOULS playing up for the cameras. Plus ME return from Melbourne only a few weeks after putting on one of the best performances MUM has seen.

Upstairs in the Bordello the lovely folk at SPIT PRESS magazine have curated the lineup and will be decorating the room with inspiration taken from George Orwells classic ANIMAL FARM. Four bands including BLONDE ON BLONDE, MRS BISHOP, ROCKETS and THE GAMEBOYS will embrace animalism and surely make the room look like a pig stye full of empty bottles and exhausted bodies.

Then in the Tea Room on level one Triple J unearthed Melbourne Parklife winners STRANGE TALK headline with THE UPSKIRTS, BRITTLE and THE BLACK PAINTINGS combining to give you more options than a game of spin the bottle at a blue light disco.

And how many DJs?


MUM has enlisted almost every indie party DJ in town worth their salt to come party with us so you should too. Catch Walkie Talkie Vs Animal Chin Vs Felix Lloyd, Alvin, Biff! Bang! Pow! DJs, Jack Shit, Nude DJs, Throw Shapes DJs, Gatsby Vs Cosmic Explorer, Electrorash DJs Vs Vivienne Kingswood, Sweetie Vs Skully Boo, Mush Vs Seabas, Claire Knight Vs Fuck Hugo, Swim Team Vs Sammy K, D-Train, 10th Avenue, Kitty Monroe, Hollatron Vs A-Bomb and the Spitpress DJs.

MUM – 3 levels, 13 bands, 30 DJs Friday Sept 24 The World Bar Kings Cross

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