Music Feeds Faves – 19/08/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

NOTE: This List was compiled pre new Frank Ocean.

Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

It’s finally here. This is a collab that was years in the hoping and several months in the making. Madeon and Porter Robinson have opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for electronic artists in terms of breaking down barriers for touring and performing in licensed venues without being of legal age; mostly because they are both musical prodigies – and a collab between the two was perhaps inevitable.

There’s a bit of Madeon coming through here in the pulsing energy of the track – but the melody, thankfully, is taken care of by our man Porter. It definitely plays on vibes continuing over from his incredible LP Worlds and although this one sounds simple in terms of production;, it’s not as simple as you might think.

You could criticise Porter Robinson for being somewhat formulaic, but he’s found a niche that takes Japanese anime music, chillstep, pop, and EDM, puts them together and churns out an awesomely emotive track like this one. Shelter is certainly nothing groundbreaking, given the unbelievably high bar Porter has set for himself; but he’s a genius at creating electronic music that really makes you FEEL something, and that’s no easy feat. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

YG – Why You Always Hatin? ft Drake, Kamaiyah

YG’s new single is just dope. Back to basics hip hop with a contemporary style – no Kanye-style genre defying breakdowns or Macklemore-esque pop pandering here – it’s got a bouncy bassline and fluid flow from YG and Drizzy, and Kamaiyah holds down the chorus with pitch imperfect nonchalance. It just checks every box on the list to be a certified booty banger. That’s all. Nothing more. And I love it. The clip also deserves a mention for its fast car and models style throwing back to ’90s era hip hop clips like Biggie’s Big Poppa, although this time it’s the men who have their shirts off as they pamper Kamaiyah. 2016, what a time to be alive. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

NAATIONS – Kingdom

NAATIONS is Nicky Night Time from Van She and Aussie singer/songwriter Nat Dunn. They’ve come out of the gates swinging big on their debut single as a duo, Kingdom. It’s a big pop anthem that places them somewhere between MØ and M.I.A. with delicious hooks and chanted, personality-filled vocals.

It’s the kind of debut you need to have. One that presents something different but is also bold and confident. They’re set to play BIGSOUND and it will be exciting to see whether their ambitious sound translates live. Given both their credentials, it’s unlikely that it won’t. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Mallrat – Tokyo Drift

As if all those super teenagers totally dominating the Olympics right now hadn’t already confirmed the inadequacies of my total life’s achievements, along comes Brisbane MC Mallrat to make it official.

The rising hip hop star has let loose another track from her debut EP Uninvited, titled Tokyo Drift, which yes I understand is also the title of one of those fast car movie things, but this is much more interesting than those.

Tokyo Drift, Mallrat-style, is breezy, slightly echoing vocals over 808s, distorted beats and the kind of perceptive lyrics that come direct from and speak to the experience of today’s teens, reminiscent of Lorde’s debut. It’s beautiful, honest, sonically-interesting music from the teen artist. Oh and did I mention the track’s producer Rey Reel? His production credentials include the likes of Drake and Beyoncé.

Meanwhile this mid-twenties music writer has spent the week trying to work out how to use a front-loader washing machine. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein – Stranger Things Vol 1.

Odds are you were as eager as I was to get your hands on this Netflix Original Soundtrack, but in case you didn’t buy it straight away and spent the last week creeping through its dark and brooding synth goodness like I did, I felt it was important to get on here and lambast you for not doing so. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! As the more copies they sell the more epic synth soundtracks we’re likely to get in the future. Hans Zimmer eat your heart out. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

Client Liaison – Wild Life

Arguably no one can get you prepared for weekend vibes quite like Client Liaison. Wild Life is unmistakably Client Liaison and I just dare you not to dance along to this. I dare you. The beat is bloody undeniable. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Bill Hunt – Sea of Love

Bill Hunts’ boot clad feet have been walking this earth for a while now, and when he has something to sing, we should all listen. The video for his single Sea of Love came out last week, and it’s a cruisy, bluesy, folk affair. There’s brushed drums, rhythmic strummed guitars, and smatterings of violin and keys in there. But really, this music is all about his voice. Hunt is a speak-singer, a storyteller comparable to Dylan in his delivery. Words fall out of his mouth, assembling themselves into small floating poems that dissolve as quickly as they came. His words are comforting, weathered and wise, and have a poignancy that surely comes from having climbed a mountain or two in those boots. Sea of Love is taken from his debut EP Upwey. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Bill Hunt – Sea of Love from Bill Hunt on Vimeo.

Go Van Go – There Was You

Life in the gutter has never been funner than the new clip for Go Van Go’s single There Was You. The Brissie two-piece have brought their latest slice of garage rock to life inside what looks like a literal garage, where a party full of loveable and unmistakably Aussie trashbags is fkn raging. Shot with a fish-eye lens in one almost entirely single take, the grungey, glitchy 90’s Rage-style clip is filmed from the perspective of a punter in the process of getting absolutely shwankered among a colourful collective of banjo-playing hipsters, dancing bananas and what appears to be one of the dudes from TISM. Bonus points for the rapid-funk tribal drum interlude, complete with vomit-inducing trip-out sequence.

There Was You is a catchy garage rock jam with a super cool clip that will either put you in the mood to party, or else turn you off partying forever. It features on Go Van Go’s brand spanking new EP Kill City: Renegades, which they’re touring off right the fark now so go see ’em whydontcha.  / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

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