Music Feeds Faves 24/06/16

The Music Feeds team wrangle together the fresh new tunes that made an impact on them this week, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]

This week, Richard D James returned with his first new Aphex Twin track since the Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP. The newie, CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ], is eight minutes of bubbly and warm Aphex sounds, which have been paired with an A+ music video directed by one of the electronic genius’ young fans.

It’s been 17 years since the last Aphex Twin music video, so RDJ entrusted the clip for his latest tune to 12-year-old Irish fan Ryan Wyer, whose homemade video possesses a contagious youthfulness, with Wyer and his mates seen dancing in Aphex t-shirts while RDJ’s face intermittently appears around them.

CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ] will feature on Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP, which is out on 8th July. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

LANKS – Bitter Leaf

There’s something so enthralling about the characteristic soulful wail that permeates LANKS’ music. Hovering in an inexplicable void that exists between agony and bliss, somehow harnessing elements of both, it’s at times the most significant instrument on display in his music. Unlike in previous singles Hold Me Closer and Golden Age though, where Will’s seraphic intonation takes centre stage in the chorus, often twisted and distorted into electronic shapes, in new track Bitter Leaf it’s more of an unadulterated constant, slinking in the background, darting between the legs of track’s rich layers.

Whilst not exactly a necessary change, it’s definitely an exciting progression for the Melbourne producer and allows his technical prowess and mastery of intricate percussion to take up the entirely warrented attention. With an almost flawless catalogue of tracks so far, singles like Bitter Leaf only work to excite me more for a (hopefully) forthcoming LP. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

Every Time I Die – The Coin Has A Say

Today, the peddlers of party metal Every Time I Die ripped apart our day. Not only were they announced as part of Unify Gathering 2017 but they’ll be dropping a brand new album Low Teens.

The record is inspired by a brief but effective moment in the life of vocalist Keith Buckley who received a call on the road that his wife was suffering from a life-threatening pregnancy complication. Buckley wasted no time getting there. – How fucked is that?

Both Mum and Bub were totally find but the moment had a lasting effect on him – enough of one to fill the whole album.

Now, the news came with the first sample of how such a situation might influence you sonically. The Coin Has A Say is the first track and proves without any doubt that Every Time I Die don’t have it in them to release a bad song.

Don’t let the lo-fi, grainy video confuse you – Every Time I Die are focused, composed, and sharp as needles on their return. / Mike Hohnen, Staff Writer


Whether it be #Brexit, Turnbull admitting the upcoming plebiscite on same-sex marriage will not bind Coalition MPs, or simply just that new Ghostbusters song by Fall Out Boy, today has been one clusterfuck of garbage after garbage, so I insist you join me in washing away the filth of the shittiest Friday in a while with this soothing injection of psychedelic bliss, courtesy of Melbourne’s POPPONGENE.

At times sounding like a collab between Beach House and Tame Impala, Do It Girl is like a deliciously cool aloe vera bath after being dangled upside down inside a volcano for a day. Get fucked Friday June 24, 2016. You sucked a fat one. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Director

The Meeting Tree – Life Is Long: Slow Down

Let’s face it, The Meeting Tree have never had a hard time dividing their time between their twin loves of music and comedy, mainly because I can’t think of a single release of their that wasn’t some elaborate joke/meme at everyone’s expense – including their own. From the 24 hour lunch meeting, to their fondness for red carpet controversy, the guys take every chance they can get to inject some humour and personality into their work, and their new single Life Is Long: Slow Down is no different, with the clip poking fun at Australian masculinity via the fictitious dating show R U A Gronk. The track itself is a smooth boogie disco meets soulful house number, with Joyride of course lending his velvet vocals to the enterprise and is a massive jam, so the funny AF video is really just icing on the cake. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

Polish Club – My House

I went on a date the other night and the girl I was with was someone I had been keen on for sometime. She showed up in a tight leather jacket, black jeans and her RM Williams. I felt immediately not cool enough to be there with her.

We’d started the night off with beers at her local pub, smoking our rollies, small talking and waving to the other friends we knew at the bar. With the beverages going quickly to our heads on empty stomaches, we decided it would be a good idea to grab a nibble. We strolled up King St discussing whether Thai or Burgers was the better option and eventually decided that Sushi was the best call; not too filling, not to heavy.

We sat and watched the raw fish rotate around us. After playful teasing and discussing philosphy, we noticed the chicken teriyaki and avocado sushi rolls and both immediately lunged for the forrest green plate. Our hands clutter together. Time slowed down. The plate fell to the floor. The staff glare at us and after reassuring them that we would pay for the plate, laughter ensues, and once again our eyes connect. We stared at each other for what seemed like eternity.

Tension was high as we walked, hands in pockets, towards Newtown station. As we paused in front of the station to finish our comments on social reform, a silence ensued. Her eyes, emphasised by her wing-tipped eyeliner, darted away from me as she said and blushed, “Where should we go now?”. And while all this romance and excitement was happening, the only thing going on in my head was this fucking song. It’s a banger. 5 stars. / Harry Fuller, Presenter

Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse – A Place Beyond Our Minds

Sydney’s premiere psychedelic soul revue, Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse are not a band to be trifled with, not least because they’re an 11 piece (yep, the band can play basketball against eachother and still have a member left over the ref. Their new single A Place Beyond Our Minds is a blistering feelgood funk jam, with lead singer Joseph Liddy absolutely killing it with his sweet and soulful vocal stylings.

No joke, I think he might be the reincarnation of Bill Withers, so ladies watch out. Coming with an accompanying trip-tastic video, this si the perfect way to blast the back of your skull out of your head with some tasty end of the week tune-age. Get amongst it. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

True Vibenation – The World Is Ours

If you are serious about getting the good feels a flowin’ on this chilly Friday afternoon, this tune will whole-heartedly deliver some directly to your ears. It’s like grabbing a little slice of afternoon sun before it taps out for the day. Warm pulsating synths decorated with unexpected splatters of glitchy electro, Afro chants and cheers, smoking hot subs, perfectly timed horns and dubby guitar licks are all led by that smooth and sexy Dallas Tamaira-esque voice.

Its tingling prettiness warms you right up while also providing massive head bopping opportunities. This is by far the coolest release that has come out of this Aussie afro-electro trio. Get it on yer dial. / Zana Rose, Staff Writer

Stwo – Out At Night (feat. A.CHAL)

Stwo has given us a taste of what to expect later this year, with the French producer set to tour the country in a couple of months as the main support for Kaytranda’s national tour.

Out At Night is a super warm effort – filling you earholes with a killer groove thanks to that snare and bass. Stwo is all about those understated melodic lines though, often hiding in the mix – but achieving a very specific purpose of giving what is in essense a fairly lightweight track a bit more bite. Oh and don’t even get me started on A.CHAL’s silky smooth vocals. The R&B singer locks into Stwo’s production like a piece of lego – leaving parts of it feeling so in sync that you may find yourself missing some of his beautifully organic tones purely because they feel like part of the furniture. / Zanda Wilson, Staff Writer

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