Music Feeds LIVE: Drummer Games Streaming This Tuesday

Drum nerds and music fans alike can start salivating now, because we’ve got something just for you coming into Music Feeds Studio this Tuesday. Our beloved Studio will be playing host to the premiere of Alex O’Toole‘s Drummer Games, a new and exciting take on a rock & roll spectacle as old as the art form itself: the drum battle. The Drummer Games will be recorded live and streamed directly to you, right here.

This novel format will see two talented drummers showcasing their abilities and flexing their cymbal-bashing muscle in a series of themed rounds. Each round will be directed by esteemed Sydney drummer Alex O’Toole, shaping the challenges in each “Drummer Game” using visual cues, which the drummers must interpret and then improvise accordingly, all on-the-fly. Our players in the Drummer Games are Sydney drummers Jesse Ricketson, from bands Svelt, The Bakery and Brass Knuckles, and Evan McGregor from Squat Club.

Alex explained the motivations behind Drummers Games, saying:

“I wanted to create a forum for drummers to display their musicality rather than their chops or speed around the kit…The games I have designed have a strong interactive element and are very spur of the moment, which keeps the players on their toes! Drummer Games is about great percussion music and nothing else.”

Drummer Games is presented by Alex O’Toole Drums and The Bird’s Robe Collective and is sure to be an entertaining and exciting event. Tune in right here after 4:30PM AEST Tuesday, 24th September 2013.

[Stream has ended – you can watch the recording below]

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