Music Feeds Recommends… Gig Picks 17/08/09

Well lads, ladettes and non-gender specifics, it’s Monday afternoon and for most of you out there that probably means four more solid days of work before the weekend winds around again. We here at Music Feeds feel your pain, so we’ve decided to start trying to brighten up your Mondays by sharing with you our picks for the best gigs on around Sydney this week. Now, we realise some of these are on school nights, but what better way to give the boss the finger than to wander in to work late the next day, bleary eyed, hungover with ears still bleeding from an awesome gig the night before? (Well, you could stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers… but we reckon our way’s more fun.)

Wednesday 19th August

‘Upstarts’ feat. The Waysiders, Joysticks, Bearhug + Upstarts DJs

Spectrum – $8 Entry, doors open 8pm.

Junglehammer + iOta

The Basement – $20, doors open 9:30pm.

Thursday 20th August

‘Thursday Night Live’ feat. Wormholes Exist, David Hilton Band + Chambers

The Abercrombie – FREE ENTRY, FREE FOOD, bands kick off at 8pm.

Friday 21st August

Dolly Rocker Movement, Downhills Home & Driftwood Drones

Spectrum – $10 Entry

‘Fuzzbox’ feat. i like cats, WIM + DJ set from We Say Bamboulee


‘Oxford Arts Second Birthday’ feat. Leader Cheetah, The Protectors, Sticky Fingers, Halal How Are You, Megastick Fanfare, Papa vs. Pretty, FLRL + DJs

Oxford Art Factory – $TBA

Saturday 22nd August

‘Upstarts Weekend Edition’ feat. No Art, i like cats, Karoshi, Aleesha Dibbs

Spectrum – $8 Entry, doors open 8pm.

Shady Lane Album Launch w/ Megastick Fanfare + Danimals

Curious Works Warehouse – $TBA

King Farook, The Bakery + guests

The Gaelic Club – $TBA

Sunday 23rd August

Dale Barlow + guests

Bohemian Grove – $10 Entry

Ray Mann Three

Beach Road Hotel, Bondi – FREE ENTRY

Also, if you’ve got nothing to do on Wednesday 19th August (and don’t like our featured gigs) be sure to head down to the Annandale to cheer on Day of the Meerkat as they compete in the Jager Uprising competition.

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