My Morning Jacket Set For New Album

Everyone’s favourite soft rock merchants and sometime Prince imitators My Morning Jacket have announced that they have a new album in the pipeline.

Rolling Stone has the details of the new album, entitled Circuital, which should be out in the American spring (Australian autumn). Jim James and his gang recorded the album in the band’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, converting a church gymnasium into a studio.The record marks their follow-up to 2008’s acclaimed Evil Urges.

It sounds like My Morning Jacket may be moving in a slightly more intimate direction on their sixth studio effort, with James saying, “We want people to have almost the exact opposite experience they had last time. I definitely had some goals of wanting to make this one warmer and somehow more contained and more concise of a statement.”

He added that Circuital will be “the most live record we’ve ever done.”

Interestingly, two songs on the record (Wonderful and Out Of My System) were written by James for a possible collaboration with The Muppets that was eventually canned. Rolling Stone explains how the plan was to resurrect the Electric Mayhem Band, that riotous ensemble with Animal on drums, touring in a way inspired by Gorillaz with My Morning Jacket playing the actual music behind a curtain. The project died when the executive organising it lost his job, sadly

The best news about the new My Morning Jacket album, however, must be that there is a track on it called Holdin’ On To Heavy Metal.

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