My Own Pet Radio – Unidentified Flying Collection of Songs Officially Released

My Own Pet Radio is the name given to the bedroom recording project of Sam Cromack, frontman, singer and songwriter for the rapidly emerging indie rock/pop collective Ball Park Music. Having released two EPs and a pair of stand-alone singles with his band in a little over a year, the controlled release of music is still not enough to curb Cromack’s relentless need to make music, so he tinkers away in his bedroom, remixing other’s material and, of course, assembling full length albums of his own.

With a similar DIY ethic you might find in Apples In Stereo, The Microphones, Neutral Milk Hotel or any Rob Schneider production, these albums are the sound of an eclectic Cromack making music – playing all the instruments, cutting up samples and pasting sounds – like no one is listening. For years, he recorded his noodlings, gathered songs and filled hard drives, only stopping occasionally to assemble a collection for his friends and family to hear.

It wasn’t until he distributed his second outing as My Own Pet Radio a little wider than usual that he garnered a response to the material he took notice of and thus, Unidentified Flying Collection of Songs was deemed worthy of artwork, a proper CD pressing and a real release.

Unidentified Flying Collection of Songs Now available via iTunes

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