Mysterious Korn Posters Have Popped Up In Sydney And Melbourne

Earlier today, a whole bunch of posters depicting the Korn logo popped up in Sydney and Melbourne.

The mysterious posters were first spotted around Sydney’s renowned home of the heavy; Crowbar. Multiple photos of the grey posters sporting the band’s logo in white text were spotted near the famed Inner West venue.

Later in the day, the same poster appeared out front of The Tote in Melbourne.

What exactly does this mean? Well, nothing official right now.

Korn have been hitting the road hard these past few months, however their touring schedule has taken a few hits with multiple members of the band contracting Covid-19 including Jonathan Davis and Munky.

Though they’ve been touring hard again, they haven’t officially released anything. Fans in the Korn Subreddit think that might be about to change soon, with the band releasing a new Instagram filter that’s backed by unheard music.

They also just today shared an infinite livestream that features the same imagery displayed on the posters. The caption reads “11 11″ potentially alluding to something happening this Thursday, 11th November.

What exactly could that be? More on this story as it unfolds.


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