Neil Finn Has One Last Dig At The Toaster Complainers

Neil Finn took one more sneaky dig at residents of ‘The Toaster’ who have been complaining about the open air Sydney Opera House gigs. During the encore of the final Crowded House Opera House show tonight Finn took the chance to thank the ‘nice’ Toaster residents saying:

To all the nice people in the Toaster. When they bought their seven million dollar apartment they thought God there’s gonna be some nice music to listen to, let’s hear it for them.

The band then performed their final song of the night Better Be Home Soon, with fireworks ending the show.

Finn has been sparring with residents of The Toaster over the course of the past week while Crowded House have been performing at the Opera House, telling one resident “look forward to annoying you for 3 more nights”.

The Sydney Opera House has been in a battle with wealthy residents from the Bennelong apartment known as “The Toaster”, which includes outspoken radio shock jock Alan Jones. The self-dubbed ‘Sydney Opera House Concerned Citizens Group’ have been griping about increase in open-air concerts that creates a “harsh visual impact” on the concert and disturbs their sleep with “noise and disruption”.

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