New Falling In Reverse Single ‘Alone’ Will Ruin Your Love Of Music

It’s a dark, dark day for the greater metal community – not because As I Lay Dying’s vocalist was arrested in a murder conspiracy plot, nor even because Emmure’s vocalist nearly died onstage, but because Falling In Reverse have returned with their latest track Alone. This directionless, absolute wank of a “tune” has come hand-in-hand with a video feature that is drowning in Ronnie Radke’s unfounded god complex.

The long and short of the song is that Radke is better than you. Maybe you hadn’t realised it yet but he really is the best ever, so much so that he doesn’t even need to pronounce the full word ‘sneakers’ to understand what you mean. When you’re Ronnie Radke, you don’t have time to pronounce full words – you’re too busy being the coolest guy ever.

The fear of being irrelevant clearly doesn’t bother Radke either, who refers to himself as ‘winning’ and mentions Charlie Sheen which, if you have as good a memory as Ronnie, you will remember was a thing like 2 years ago now.

Jail has clearly made a gangsta out of Radke, who is joined in the clip by a posse consisting of Generic Emo Band Member #1, #2, and #3. The track sees the frontman rap through the verses with the odd growl and squeaky clean choruses. It must be real confusing. Here’s to hoping he fully converts to the hip hop side of things so we never have to worry about him again.

You can watch the clip below, but be warned – you can’t unwatch it.

Watch: Falling In Reverse – Alone

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