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New Photos Confirm a Milli Vanilli Biopic is in Production

Infamous duo Milli Vanilli are to be the focus of an upcoming biopic, with a feature film titled Girl You Know It’s True currently in production. The film’s title is borrowed from the act’s 1989 album, which topped the US Billboard 200.

Directed by Simon Verhoeven, the biopic focuses on Milli Vanilli’s rise to fame during the 1980s. Formed by German music producer Frank Farian, Milli Vanilli comprised dancers Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, who went on to earn a Grammy Award and land a string of #1 hits in North America – despite the fact they didn’t sing any of their songs.

Tijan Njie and Elan Ben Ali to play Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanillia

    Credit: Denis Pernath Photography/Leonine Studios/Wiedemann & Berg Film (via Deadline)

New images released this week reveal key cast members: newcomers Tijan Njie and Elan Ben Ali as Pilatus and Morvan, respectively. The role of Farian is to be played by Matthias Schweighöfer (pictured here), while actors Graham Rogers and Bella Dayne are set to portray Milli Vanilli’s US assistant, Todd, and Milli, Farian’s “right-hand woman.”

Jasmin Davis and Brad Howell have signed on as associate producers – Howell and Jasmin’s late father John Davis were the real voices behind Milli Vanilli.

When it was discovered that Milli Vanilli did not perform any of their material in 1990, the duo returned their Grammy Awards (after they were officially revoked by the Recording Academy). In recent years, fans have launched a petition to reverse the motion. The production of Girl You Know It’s True is currently underway, with no official release date in place.

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