New Poll Shows Americans Agree On Nothing Except Dislike Of Justin Bieber

Politics in the States are always a topic of great conflict. Whether you vote Democrat, Republican or independent, chances are you differ on just about every key decision there is but a recent study has shown that Americans are all united on one front regardless of political preference: their disdain for Justin Bieber.

Out of all the artists mentioned in the survey, Taylor Swift was the most popular overall, Adele was a close second followed by J.T. and Beyonce with the numbers quickly depleting for Chris Brown, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga.

Young Biebs was the only one who blurred partisan lines with an overwhelming percentage of Democrats, Republicans and independents all down-voting the pop sensation.

In another question, people were asked which of the aforementioned artists they would like to see as US president with 8% clicking Bieber. That’s still an alarmingly high number, but only 5% selected Chris Brown, with Rihanna coming in last with a 2% chance of being chosen for the top job.

For those playing at home, Adele was chosen as the most favourable artist to be elected as President, pulling in a 19% support rate. Pity she’s not eligible.

Brown and Rihanna’s relationship was also the subject of scrutiny with 67% saying they shouldn’t get back together.

Out of everyone on the list, Skrillex and Morrisey were deemed the most unpopular artists, in that not many people actually knew who they were. The figures also show us that 56% of those surveyed believe Snoop Dogg should stick to that name, and 8% were unsure whether or not they had actually ever been “in the club”.

If you’re bored, check out the full report with all the findings, if only for the lols.

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