New York’s Hottest Nightclubs Open Their Doors To 12-Year-Olds

New York’s club and lounge scene is legendary. From Studio 54, to the Danceteria, to this day internationally-recognised DJs stage residencies in clubs that punters can only dream of gaining entry to. With all of the glamour and excitement, it’s about time 12-year-olds were given a taste.

As CNN Money unfortunately reports, New York now has a hot new spot for under-aged partiers, specifically targeting children ages 6-12, really. Organised and promoted by an events company called Fuzipop, these dance parties for children are held at major nightclubs all around Manhattan.

Held once a month, the three-hour underage dance parties typically cost a parent and child a US$20 cover charge, or US$60 for a family of four. A 9-year-old DJ provides the music and professional dancers keep the kids entertained as they get familiar with glow sticks and down juice boxes.

CNN Money reporter Emily Jane Fox recently attended one of Fuzipop’s events at West Village venue the Pink Elephant on a Sunday afternoon, where just 12 hours earlier, guys and girls in their early 20s lined the walls, shots in hand. According to Fox’s report, the scene included parents lining up at a full cash bar as their children danced around and sang along to What Does the Fox Say.

Meanwhile, the VIP tables usually reserved for gold chain-wearing oligarchs ordering bottle service were littered with champagne flutes and juice boxes, as the club bartender, accustomed to dealing out jello shots on a Saturday night, stared in awe at the imbibing power of the children’s parents.

According to Fuzipop’s mission statement on their website, their aim is to “inspire the next generation of DJs, producers, artists, dancers and music business moguls. Growing up in New York City is a unique one-of-a-kind experience and city kids deserve an event of the same stature.”

“We are committed to supporting & educating children about the fine arts,” they add. Right. In any case, it seems Fuzipop might actually be more about the parents, offering them, as one parent told CNN Money, the chance to “live vicariously through our kids, and… blow off steam together.”

Watch: FUZIPOP! Official Trailer

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