New Zealand Punters Believed Lorde Impersonator Was Actually Lorde At ‘Special’ Concert

A group of punters at a dance party in Auckland enjoyed a special appearance from home grown pop sensation Lorde on Monday night. The only problem was that she was almost 20,000 kilometres away in London at the time.

The NZ Herald reports that fans of the pop star were led to believe that Lorde was performing at a weekly ‘No Lights No Lycra’ event held at the Grey Lynn library on Monday night, with the ‘special guest’ even wrapping up her set with ‘Green Light’.

But after several punters took to twitter to thank Lorde for the performance, both Lorde and her mum shut down the speculation, confirming that she is currently in London.

As TheMusic points out, the ‘No Lights No Lycra’ party organisers Craig Neilson also then admitted on Facebook that the performer was actually a singer by the name of Hannah Horsfield.

“Cat’s out of the bag!” said Nelison. “I want to thank our incredible performer, Hannah Grace Horsfield who is graduating from Auckland University’s pop music degree in May, and of course Lorde for the phenomenon that is ‘Green Light’.”

Kiwi Musician Nadia Reid told the NZ Herald that Horsfield was quite a convincing impersonator and very much “sounded like Lorde” during the performance.

Watch: Lorde – ‘Green Light’

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