Nhomea launch The Black Album at The Landsdowne Tonight

Sydney’s very own whack-provising collective Nhomea are embarking on a journey into new territory by unleashing their first official release. Comprising of live recordings, fly-on-the-wall jams, and pretty little ditties from ’08 to ’10, ‘The Black Album’ will be dropped at the Lansdowne Hotel tonight, Thurs 26th August.

The release covers Nhomea’s wide spectrum of sound, from psychedelic rock grooves, dark heavy obliteration, meditative shamanism and all the infinitissimal possibilities of group noise rock improvisation. The release is captured on two cassettes, a currently obsolete medium which still carries its own hard-case charm and the true analogue sound. Whether you have the available technology or not, the limited edition tapes embody the Sydney DIY culture and contain over 180 mins of deep listening.

Entry is free, and cassette sales will be via an egalitarian ‘donation’ system, so bring your pennies and jump in on the auction.

In support are a collection of some of Sydney’s best twisted noise merchants including Pure Evil Heavy Industries + Defektro, Dora Maar, Silver Moon and the indomitable wall of sound assault that is Dead China Doll.

Get your brain moving.

Artists featured across The Black Album:

David Sullivan

Aemon Webb

Jack Dibben

Josh Isaac

Nic de Jong

George Nagle

Finn Ryan

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