Nic Cester Recalls “Toxicity” Around Jet During Their Rise To Fame

Jet frontman Nic Cester has given a candid interview about his band’s rapid rise to international prominence in the mid-’00s, noting that there was “toxicity” within the group at the time.

Speaking on The Plug with Neil Griffiths, Cester recalled that “at that particular moment, there was a lot of toxicity within the group and a lot of excessive behaviors.”

“Even just in terms of the business side, we’d become famous for one specific style of music which was never what I was about personally.”

Speaking on the retro rock n’ roll-cum-New York indie sound and image of Jet, Cester continued that “I just felt I was trapped under the weight of expectation from the band because the success had been so enormous in the beginning.”

“The assumption was that would just keep continuing and doing one specific genre of music. I was like, ‘how did I get myself into this?’ It wasn’t me or what I’m about.”

Jet’s debut album Get Born was a sensation internationally, shifting over 650,000 units in Australia alone and going on to become certified 8x platinum off the back of classics ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ and ‘Cold Hard Bitch’.

Their second album Shine On was…..not as well received.

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